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It is not a simple question. Because you have to think: "Best" for or to what?

Does the logo best resembles the team?
Does the logo have a history or is it just looking great?
Does the logo resembles the brand?
Is it related to the team's catch phrase?
How recognizable is the logo?
Is the logo of great and simple design.

When I look at all these above I think the best logo is: Astralis

It is a red star in a variation of a simple five pointed star. The team is a Danish based and untill now only with Danish teamplayers and coaches not counting temporary replacements - and the red color is the same as in the Danish flag Dannebrog.

Their catch phrase is 'Reach for the stars' where the logo is a star.

The largest Danish company Maersk has a seven pointed white star on a light blue background as their logo. Maybe it has been an inspiration aswell.

2018-09-28 at HLTV
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